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We are very proud of our club with our attentive staff, variety of workout equipment and a clean, comfortable facility.
We know the only reason anyone works out anywhere is to get results. Helping you get your BEST results is our focus. We are proud of what we do and feel if we are given the chance, you’ll want to join us. We have been serving Calhoun in the fitness industry for over 20 years.


Is a great place to get your pump on. Have a place for women to work out if they don’t want to be on the main floor infront everyone. Have a great price for membership. And also the classes are great.

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A Great place to workout with everything you need to get the fullest results. The Staff is helpful and it does not suffer from overcrowding. Everyone is super friendly and its also a great place to workout in peace with no distractions!

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Saturday 8AM–5PM
Sunday 1–5PM
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Tuesday 5AM–9PM
Wednesday 5AM–9PM
Thursday 5AM–9PM
Friday 5AM–8PM

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